Dualit 510 Lite Sandwich Cage


The Lite Sandwich Cage fits neatly into the toaster’s extra wide slots and helps to create the perfect toastie; crunchy on the outside with the filing staying inside! The sandwich cage provides you with the option of making toasted sandwiches in your Lite or Architect toaster. It is also useful for toasting smaller items like buns, bagels and teacakes. Sold in pairs, each pack comes with a range of recipe ideas for deep filled toasted sandwiches that make good use of the extra-wide slots of your toaster Fits two and four slice Lite and Architect Dualit toasters Integral drip tray to prevent spillages inside toaster Two heatproof handles for easy lift out of toaster Clamps gently around bread and filling Product Dimensions 24.2 x 18 x 5 cm


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